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I have been a professional photographer and video producer for more than twenty years.  Early in my career, I worked as the staff photographer/videographer for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  While working for the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, I wrote, produced and edited more than 100 Fire Fighter training video productions. I have worked as a field producer for ABC news and Public Affairs programming.  I hold  a California Teaching Credential in Applied Fine Arts, and offer private and group workshops in both photography and video production.  For more info, please click on the Media Match link.

Don Meyer/LightEchoes Media

One comment on “Profile

  1. Don – I’ve really enjoyed your classes, very informative, enlighting, thought provoking and entertaining. One of your most practical bits of instruction to “work the shot” has helped me see that there is always more to see than what I captured in my first shot. I hope to catch a class now and then whenever I’m back in CA.

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